Danielle Brooks

New York City

Songwriter | Recording Artist

  • Born: Augusta, Georgia
  • Presently: Plays “Taystee” on Netflix’s hit show, Orange Is The New Black
  • Random: Butterfly, calligraphy, The Bible, playground, peanut M&M’s
  • Birth Sign: Virgo


  •  @Luvvie  Hilarious 15 hours ago
  • RT  @ava : I’m seeing this all across the country in video after video for a week. I wish more mainstream outlets would cover it. They won’t.… 15 hours ago
  • Moving!!!! https://t.co/CZ40z227sx 5 days ago
  • Greenville,SC held a protest today downtown and will be doing the same tomorrow at 4pm. Come out and show your solidarity. 5 days ago
  • RT  @ava : For those of you who think you know all about how things escalate during a protest. https://t.co/1DgADqFwJi 5 days ago
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