Billy Mann

New York City

Songwriter | Producer

  • Born: Philadelphia, PA
  • Presently: Working in the studio, spending time with family, or flying on a plane.
  • Fun: Married Up, being piled on by his kids, surfing news networks, addicted to cakes with pink icing, match-maker extraordinaire (6 marriages), working is fun.
  • Random: Evangelist for #thehitlife, not just the hit song. ( Turtle enthusiast.
  • Karma: Journeyed from broke street musician to artist to songwriter/producer to music executive, and has written/produced records reaching sales of over 100 Million albums. He was elected Governor of the New York NARAS Board for songwriters, and is a founding member of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation and board member of Autism Speaks.
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius


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