Argo Fargo


Writer | Producer


Born: ARGO – Baltimore, Mariland, FARGO – Atlanta, Ga (westside)
Presently: ARGO -Creating song ideas that will always be remembered, FARGO – on a million dollar mission
Fun: ARGO -Sky diving, dirt biking, camping , hiking, racing, writing, FARGO – basketball, writing, performing, making money, taking care of my son
Random: ARGO -I was top 10 in high school soccer in the state of Georgia, FARGO – I can turn 400 $into 4000$ all you gotta do is give me your bank card lol
Karma: ARGO -I say what I want, when I want. My mind has no limitations, FARGO – If someone can anger you that person controls you
Birth Sign: ARGO – Taurus, FARGO – Leo


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